Colour - student project

I really enjoyed this class and feel like I have gotten a lot better when putting colours together. Still very much a novice but I will continue to practise, now not being quite as scared to go on to colouring illustrations :)

I created a simple illustration to do some of the exercises. This one is the monochrome outcome. I really liked the effect if using just a single hue and adjusting the brightness and saturation. Because of the detail on the plants, it may lack contrast in that area, but I’m happy with the way it all pops against the background.

Colour - image 1 - student project

Next is the primary colours exercise, which I thought was such an ingenious idea. I tried lots out but went with this purple, pink and orange mix. Very striking and perhaps a little garish but it was great experimenting and being brave with colours.


Colour - image 2 - student project


The Pinterest exercise gave the most scope for exploration, which I found a little intimidating at first, but also really fun. It took me a while to get something I was happy with, but it was well worth it as I think I came up with my strongest combination yet.

Colour - image 3 - student projectI put my favourite result into practise on my ‘Fun with Spaces’ warm up exercise:

Colour - image 4 - student project
Finally, the thumbnail exercise which I put to practise on my own illustration for the Fun with Spaces class. I am most happy with the top right pink one (I like how you get a sense of the person who lives in this space, it’s very flamboyant and personal) and the bottom left more subdued one (I like the slightly more cosy feel). I’m not sure if I’m set on any of these for the final illustration yet, I may do some more experimenting. But I have certainly gained some colour palettes I can use in future projects and lots of new knowledge. Thank you Charly!

Colour - image 5 - student project