Colour wheels

Colour wheels - student project

I love this exercise, I think I need to do it again to try and get discreet colours. I quite enjoyed the colours running into one another though!

Colour wheels - image 1 - student project

I didn’t have any suitable tubes of colour for the second wheel so I had a go with my watercolour pencils instead. I then got carried away with trying to get a range of colours between cyan and magenta. 

Colour wheels - image 2 - student project
I definitely prefer the second set of colours, though the lack of vibrancy definitely speaks to the differing quality. 

update, 15.09.2020

I had a look at doing the colour wheels with different brands and hues, also building in some experimentation with complimentary colours: 

Colour wheels - image 3 - student projectColour wheels - image 4 - student projectColour wheels - image 5 - student projectColour wheels - image 6 - student project

Ive completed the temperature excercise, didn’t come up with many words but I think I will keep on working on it and revisiting it. 

Colour wheels - image 7 - student project