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Colour palettes

Inspirational words

Having read the brief I picked up the following words to use as a guide:

  • modern
  • stylish
  • urban
  • simple
  • functional
  • coffee / beer
  • organic

What they mean to me

  • coffee/beer combo: browns and oranges
  • organic: green and maybe some brown
  • urban, functional, simple: strong colours
  • modern, stylish: can be light, but not fussy

Palette 1

I played with Kuler and used the compound option. This gave me five colours I have split in two: three main colours and two spare ones.

The colours work with what I was aiming for. The pink is a bit of an outsider, but it works (to me) with the greens and the brown. The icy green is perhaps surplus to the mix as it is quite close to the other green. 




Palette 2

I used one of the photographs to pick colours from. 


Again I ended up with five colours, three main ones and two spare ones.  

This palette is much harder to work with. The cream is nice, but it's obviously quite useless on a white background. But it could be a background colour. Again, there is a duplication in colours. This made the logo mockups a little hard to get some interesting variation going. 




Palette 3

I know the brief is to only create two palettes. And I think the first one works the best, but the blue and the cream in the second palette complement some of the colours in the first palette, so I made a mix of both palettes.


The colours on this palette to me work with the all the words I picked out of the brief. 




If I had to lose one of them I would remove palette 2. I think that's the weakest one. 

Palette 4

Taking on board Geri's comments that too many variations can weaken a brand, this palette brings together just three colours. 



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