Colour chart

The paints I used were Liquitex basics, I was given a set of these for my birthday last week, but I plan on replacing these with artist quality paints one or two at a time.  I had some issues with these, well with the warm palette anyway- I couldn't get anywhere near purple, no matter how I mixed it I always got green. I think the problem is the cad. red light is really very orange, to be honest I don't think you could call it red at all its so orange.


I loved the cool colours. I didn't have the yellow suggested so I went with primary yellow which looks like a cool yellow to me.  I loved the natural green I got with this and the purple was just luscious.  I'm not sure I'd really call the quin. magenta red, its more pinky purple, but I love it anyway. The ultramarine blue just finished off this colour set beautifully.   I'm very surprised by this because I always thought I loved warm colours more but apparently not!


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