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Colour change experiments in Photoshop

Thanks for this class Helen! I found this to be a really useful collection of tips for changing colours in photos and images. I'm going to watch it again and take some notes so that I can remember them in future.

I think the hardest part of this class was choosing photos that best demonstrated the features of each colour change technique! I used a selection of photos from my garden :)

Here's my example using the hue/saturation adjustment layer technique. This was fun to do, and great for changing the colour of just one part of an image.


Here's my example using the replace colour image adjustment technique. This was my favourite technique for bold colour changes :)


Here's my example using the selective colour adjustment layer technique. It's more subtle than the first two techniques, so I can see how it would be used for more natural looking colour changes.


And finally, here's my example using the colour blend adjustment layer on top of the selective colour adjustment layer.



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