Colour Schemes

Colour Schemes - student project

I have submit a few colour (yes I'm Canadian) schemes I have/hope to have in some of the rooms on the ground level of my home.

Colour Schemes - image 1 - student project

I have a fairly neutral palette (for the most part), with pops of colour in each room.  The colour accents can be in the form of pillows, art, plants, vases, storage boxes/jars, etc. In the case of the bathroom, I hope to add some nice green towels.

I have yet to re-do our kitchen, but I love the feel of a 50s diner.  I don't plan on installing black and white tiled floor, but I would like to incorporate a green/teal on the walls, with red accents to give a similar feeling, with white and black cabinets/counters.


My style is very "retro" or mid-century modern.  I love geometric patterns, and the colours of that era.  Most of my art, prints, decor, furniture, has a lot of the mid-century, retro, 70s flare.


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