Colour Mixing

Colour Mixing - student project

Colour Mixing - image 1 - student projectFun, informative class which has gone a long way to demystify a subject which I find difficult. The colour wheels with warm and cool primaries threw up a few  pleasant surprises, especially the one with warm yellow and cool red/blue. I was also glad to learn that I was not alone in struggling to decide if a blue is warm or cool.

For the class project I have gone with earth tones as I love the colour which I used as a red, its Piemontite genuine which is  granulating but splits into different colours and it fascinates me. 

Colour Mixing - image 2 - student projectI've had lots of fun just playing with colours and can see that I will be experimenting with lots of other colour combinations.

Thank you again Denise for a fabulous class.