Colour, Line, Texture and General Happiness

Colour, Line, Texture and General Happiness - image 1 - student project

Top Left and Top Right: I was really drawn to the bold mixture of cheerful colours with these. They are both a very similar style and I like the way that simple shapes and lines have been used to create the plants and animals/birds. The image on the right has a lot of energy to it created by the varying sizes of the shapes and the way it has been laid out with clear spaces in between each shape or cluster of shapes. 

Top Middle: I can almost feel how soft that knitting is. The grey is very calming and comforting.

Middle Left: There is a contrast in texture from the slightly rough wood to the super smooth concrete background. The lines created by the planks of wood and the way the colour in the centre gets deeper towards the bottom of that section really draws your eye into the darkest point.

Middle: The bold pink is feminine and strong and combined with the grey makes it feel contemporary. The varying sizes of the shapes give an energetic and playful feel.

Middle Right: The watercolour blurs the lines between each of the colours making it feel very soft. With the strong black tree shape, this piece could feel quite eerie against the cold pale grey-blue background but the artist has used a few warm colours and gold accents which takes the painting from possibly eerie to something much more welcoming.

Bottom Left: It was the colours that originally attracted me to this picture but when looking at it properly I also feel very drawn to the soft blurry background and I enjoy the way the flowers really pop out from the background.

Bottom Middle: The colours are fairly muted and stand out well against one another and combined with the simplicity of the shapes of the leaves gives this a contemporary feel.

Bottom Right: This one is actually one of mine and I enjoy the simplicity and clean lines. I think if I were to change anything on here now it would be to alter the plant that is growing downwards (I had intended it to be ivy) and turn it into an upright plant. I like the way it is mostly balanced except for the single empty jar. I would like to see some colour in the background, in the same way as the bottom middle or middle right pictures (not to fill in the drawings).