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Colour Hole (as opposed to a black one)

To be honest I didn't really think too much on the direction of my project, I just let it develop as I played.

I picked a background colour I liked from the swatches and then tried to find other colours that stood out against it that weren't black, grey or white. I love colour and I love pinks and purples so I decided on that route.

Having never used the polygon tool before I thought it best to play with that, then I noticed as I played that I could make it look like the polygons (dec a gons? it's a 10 sided one) look like the were spinning opposite directions. So i just kept going smaller and smaller.

Once I had reached the middle I felt the collage was too plaina dn needed some more interest. I'm not a fan of triangles too much, they strike me as a lazy shape. (seriously, their sides push against each other so it will always be a triangle, the other shape have to work to maintain their figure so they don't become ovals or a rhombus). I decided on circular shapes because I find them visually appealing and a little calming.

The difficult part was making sure I used the right colour. I tried to use the colour of the next polygon going inside the spinning hole for the circles and ovals on the polygon before it. Five circular shapes per polygon (roughly a corner apart each) and then a bit of layer manourvering to get some overlaps and I quite like it :)

Thanks :)


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