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Melissa Meyerson

Digital Artist, Pattern Lover, Teacher



Coloring Book Page - Floral

A pattern I previously designed and turned into a coloring book page.


Coordinates Starting Point

I've been playing around with coordinate ideas, trying some lighter color options (although same palettes), and some textural and tone-on-tone types of patterns.  Have lots more work to do - glad to be busy :-))))




FINAL PHASE: 3 Focal Prints

I still don't know if I used enough motifs in each pattern to make them focal prints (there were some motifs I actually left out), but the workshop and process have been extremely helpful for me - and I can't wait to start working on a collection.   You can definitely see the repeat in these, which is something I still need to work on, but I do try and make my patterns pretty dense.

Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity and community!





Here is what I have so far...still refining :-)




Hi everyone,

My name is Melissa Meyerson and I live in a very pretty lake community in New Jersey. I do not have any formal art background, so I have been incredibly grateful for everything and everyone I’ve learned from online over the years.  I’m glad to be a part of this experience!

My three focal patterns are all based on a collection of my personal photographs, which have come to be such an important element in my process – the photos and the patterns are completely interconnected, and they hold such fond memories for me.    

Pattern 1:   Floral Cornucopia

Keywords: Flourishing, Dense, Diversity, Growth, Lush, Shelter, Intermingling, Peek-a-boo, Snug, Co-existing

My moodboard is primarily made up of my photos (mostly taken in California), but I also included a few inspirational Liberty prints.  Because I'm using photos, I have not yet figured out how to incoporate a color palette at this stage, I usually use palettes from seperate sources, and work with that at the pattern stage.


My sketching is a combination of some hand drawn elements and outlines created by drawing over my photos in Photoshop, then Image Tracing those lines in Illustrator (a little unconventional I think, but I have found this to be my favorite method).  




Pattern 2: Lotus and Swans

For my second pattern I wanted to combine some lotus pictures (again taken in California), with a couple of beautiful swans from our local neighborhood lake in New Jersey. I really needed to push myself past using just flora, and felt adding swans and water, would be a really fun challenge.

Keywords: Lotus, pond, lily pad, emerging, ripples, swans, swimming, zen, organic, graceful



Again, my sketches are a combo of hand-drawn, digitally sketched (still need refining) and some vectorized sketches.  But I realize I'm going to need more drawings to make this a hero print.


Pattern 3: Berry Love

My third pattern is all about berries, different kinds mingled together. I can never pass up a chance to take photos of berries - they are so appealing to the senses, and just completely irresistible.


Berries, dangling, juicy, sweet, ripe, branches, delicious, wild, bunches, colorful



My sketches so far, but I know I have a LOT more to add for a focal print:


Have fun designing everyone!! :-)


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