Colorful landscapes

Colorful landscapes - student project

Process Pics:

Colorful landscapes - image 1 - student project

Colorful landscapes - image 2 - student project


My struggle with gradients wasn't new, I always have trouble with wet on wet when using this watercolor paper, it sucks water right away, and I mean, riiight away, and then it tries to warp and I put humongous amount of water and then it lasts centuries to dry, hahaha! But, what was new was that I had an AHA! moment and started questioning... does it have sizing?. It's from Creativ Company, and I bought it at the beginning of my watercolor journey and thought it was awesome prize for 100 sheets.... yep... and they don't include any other info than 300g. Usually I blame my skills or something else, but I was sure I was doing it right yet didn't have enough time to work like in the video... and then my brain started working :D I'm happy with my findings and will experiment with sizing tutorials and see if I can make this paper work for me.

Colorful landscapes - image 3 - student project

Looooved those water patterns that look like rays of light, it was easier to get smooth gradients when working small areas at a time, unlike the previous project.

And voila!! Here are my new paintings:

Colorful landscapes - image 4 - student project


And scanned versions:

Colorful landscapes - image 5 - student project


Thank you Elena!

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