Colorful fella

Colorful fella - student project

I chose a bird that may have been a bit out of my league ;) But I loved painting it and I've learned a lot of things about wet in wet and letting the layers dry well in between. I never had the patience (and the knowledge) to do so. Here's what I made, from reference to sketch to final piece: 

Colorful fella - image 1 - student projectColorful fella - image 2 - student project

I just used a block of paper, so I didn't wet it before and did not tape it to anything. Because of this I also could not trace the image...

Colorful fella - image 3 - student project

It looked a lot better all dried up that when I applied the watercolor. 

Colorful fella - image 4 - student projectColorful fella - image 5 - student projectColorful fella - image 6 - student project

I'm not too happy with the end result, but I also think I put the bar a bit too high for myself. 

Thank you for a great lesson. I really feel I can improve by doing this more often. So I just might try that Robin after all... 

Annemarie Gorissen
lllustrator and graphic designer