Colorful Print, Stamp, Rock and Roll

Colorful Print, Stamp, Rock and Roll - student project

Colorful Print, Stamp, Rock and Roll - image 1 - student project
Lucie, I love your projects even though I never seem to have everything I need or the ability to follow the exact directions (note my failure to leave a place for the address on the flap). Still, I have lots of fun making them.

The Good, the Bad, and the Gloppy

My old tube of white paint refused to behave and I almost quit before I even got started. Instead, I just went forward and made the best of it.

I only had styrofoam plates so those foam pieces were thin but worked for this application. I discover that it was fun to draw on that foam with the pencil sinking in. I could make some unusual lines and my Blackwing Pearl pencil left beautiful silvery marks.

The dotted plastic piece I cut from a container made great dots and I didn't notice until after I had stamped the paper that the dots were two different sizes.

Making interesting stamped circles was another good use for those cool paper clips I find it hard to part with. My foam tape also made nice clean stripes when glued to the roller. 

Colorful Print, Stamp, Rock and Roll - image 2 - student project 

I kept the design on the front a little simpler because I loved the mark my little asterisk (made from the edge around the styrofoam plates) made on the blue card.

In the end, I like how the patterns and colors came together and even the gloppy white paint doesn't detract from the look of the cards and envelope.

This was another fun project. Thanks, Lucie!

Kate Smith

Color is sensational!