Colorful Mandalas

Colorful Mandalas - student project

I decided to start with simple contour mandala. I made two ink drawings - one with waterproof ink and one with water soluble ink. I just wanted to experiment.

Then I trace one of them and I made the watercolor mandala. And before get wild with splashes I scanned it (just in case) and then continued with watercolors.

You can see the settings for my editing below.

Here is my first mandala editing. I like the Overlay blending mode, because it gave me a very gentle looking mandala:

Colorful Mandalas - image 1 - student project


This is the second mandala editing. I like the green-purple combination:

Colorful Mandalas - image 2 - student project


For the third mandala I used one green background, because I want to have more interesting background. I had to choose not so busy one, but it was only to see what will happen.

Colorful Mandalas - image 3 - student project

For fourth mandala I used the washed soluble ink mandala and the watercolor one, before I started with the splashes.

Colorful Mandalas - image 4 - student project


For the fifth mandala I used layers from the fourth. But I added and the contour before I washed it with water.

Colorful Mandalas - image 5 - student project


I hope you enjoy the class.

I will be very happy to find your project here in the Project Gallery and on Instagram!

Zornitsa Statkova
Graphic designer | Artist