Color wheels

Color wheels - student project

Color wheels - image 1 - student project
Thank you so much Denise for this wonderful class, even though I'm getting to know watercolors and pigments well, I really loved getting back to some basics. 
I paint landscapes and I'm really looking for beautiful earthy tones so I made two color wheels with this idea in mind !
(This cellulose paper really doesn't do justice to these paints !)

Color wheels - image 2 - student project
For this first one, I decided to use phtalo turquoise and green gold from Da Vinci (DV) and naphtamide maroon from Daniel Smith, I find reaching out a lot for this last one but I was skeptical concerning the green gold as I do not use it quite often. I was really pleased with the warm browns this color combination yields ! And this phtalo turquoise from DV is really amazing !

Color wheels - image 3 - student project

For this second one, I decided to try some color combinations I don't usually go for : gold ochre, cerulean blue hue and violet iron oxide from DV. I was a bit surprised to see that this gold ochre doesn't yield strong mixes and I think I'll reconsider keeping this color for my future custom palette. I'm seriously in love with that violet iron oxide from this brand and it granulates beautifully with both the gold ochre and cerulean blue hue ! 

I will certainly use more of these colour wheels in the future to help me decide which colours are best for me :) Really happy I discovered these DV paints with your Earth friendly palette, it's a pure joy to use !