Color wheel

Color wheel - student project

Color wheel - image 1 - student projectColor wheel - image 2 - student projectI am a complete beginner at oil painting;  most of my previous experience with visual arts is in digital art and a little bit of drawing. After taking this class, I made a color wheel ( I accidentally left out the neutral brown section, and didn’t realize I’d done that until I was far enough into it to want to stop and start over), and a small set of swatches with white, napthol red, azo yellow, ultramarine blue, and burnt umber. The yellow row isn’t correct, because I messed up the columns some, but I learned a lot in the process and I can’t wait to make more color wheels with the instructions in Rachael’s class on working with a limited palette. I have three different color wheels in mind for that class and look forward to making them.


I made both the color wheel and set of swatches with a palette knife to make it easier to clean off  my painting utensil between colors. When I was finished, I used the paint I had leftover to attempt to paint something resembling trees in the muted colors of late autumn, also with a palette knife.


Thank you, Rachael, for teaching an awesome class! I’ve been very anxious to learn about oil painting and have more confidence in going forward now, even if my first projects have many mistakes.