Ruth Ann Deline

Loves to Doodle



Color in the Frame

Another very interesting project. I did have trouble with the step of joining the 4 brackets, each time I used the shape builder tool it did some crazy fills on me so finally tried just grouping and it worked.  Another step I personally had difficulty with was trying to delete the double line in the bracket, so what I did was took the delete anchor point tool and deleted them, it worked for me. I just wonder if anyone else had to do it this way. I use cc 2015 version.  

It was a truly injoyable lesson and learned more with the many different tools again. Thank you Helen for another fun project.

The color tools are so easy to use with huge results.

One more thing Helen, I was so delighted to be able to incorporate the same design in the straight box behind the frame without going through the same with the frame, thank you for pointing this out as I will never forget it in the future.




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