Color exercises

Color exercises - student project

Exercise 1 - Monochromatic-I really like pink and purple! First time using color in a monochromatic way

Color exercises - image 1 - student project

Color exercises - image 2 - student project

Exercise 2- Mood Board - creating a mood board was eye opening and fun! I learned that I lean toward neutral colors. I had to step out of my comfort zone it was hard to not choose images that were not illustrations.

Color exercises - image 3 - student project But worth it! Thoroughly enjoyed playing around with the color swatches.

Color exercises - image 4 - student project


Exercise 3-Primary Colors

This exercise was so interesting!

Color exercises - image 5 - student project

Color exercises - image 6 - student project


Exercise 4- Complimentary Colors

Struggled with this one but I learned so much!

Color exercises - image 7 - student projectColor exercises - image 8 - student projectColor exercises - image 9 - student project

Exercise 5 - Color Thumbnails

This exercise was fun and challenging. I learned a lot and feel like I am getting better with color. I will continue to explore colors c: I loved this class!

Color exercises - image 10 - student project

Color exercises - image 11 - student project