Emily New




Color correction

Thanks for this class! I've always been a terrible colorist, but it had never occured to me to spend the time to come up with a color palette and work from that. I'd always thought that you were just supposed to magically know, and if you didn't just magically know then you were SOL.

I took a couple old pieces and recolored them, first coming up with color palettes and color schemes.



A quick self portrait that doesn't really look like me. Originally done analog. I always ink with a black chalk ink marker, but the color on the left is done with Derwent Inktense sticks. It's hard to reign back the chroma on these things. I digitally painted over it. I forgot to keep the palette swatches in these views, sorry.



This is one of one of my favorite musicians. I made the first version last year and was just okay with it. Inked with the paint marker, but I wanted a sharp pop-art look so the color on both is digital. I couldn't figure out how to make his shirt pop (he has this ridiculously amazingly glam gold shirt hahaha). This time around I abandoned the gold so the palette wouldn't be all primary colors and tried to add drama. The palette ended up somewhere between complimentary colors or two analogous colours with a cyan compliment.

Thanks for looking!


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