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Color and Texture Update!

New illustrations and paintings!  It's been a while since I've done anything with watercolor, so I had a lot of fun with that.  I did a total of 5 illustrations and tried to do something a bit different with each one.

For some more pictures (and detail shots) please visit my blog at:

Hope you like them!


I LOVE the way this one turned out!  I used a combination of watercolor and cut paper to add a bit of dimension to the piece.  I'm really pleased with the way the stripes look; I painted them while parts of the yellow were still wet, so some of them have blended.  


This is the style I do most of my work in lately: paper cutout.  It's always nice when I can find paper that matches what I need, and I got very very lucky this time!  Right after I did the sketch, I realized that instead of painting the feathers, I really wanted to use actual feathers.  The cutouts lended itself well to the design of the dress.


My favorite part of this garment design is the overall shape of it.  I thought about painting it in watercolor, but I knew I wanted to get a really dark, rich black so I decided to paint it with acrylic.  And how could I resist adding a couple of earing rhinestones for a little sparkle?!


This peice I did entirely in watercolor.  I'm pretty happy with the outcome.  I like how soft the illustration looks.  I didn't want to add anything to this piece (i.e. rhinestones, glitter, paper) because I really wanted to force myself to bring the colors and the shapes through with watercolor.


Last but not least, GLITTER!  Not the best photo of the piece, I really need to get a handheld scanner (Thanks Katie for the tip!)  You can't really tell, but I used a slightly lighter glitter at the top and a darker glitter at the bottom to give it an ombre effect.  I didn't want her entirely covered in glitter, so I added the glue while the watercolor was still wet and let the glitter do what it wanted!


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