Color Wheel

Color Wheel - student project

Thanks Chris for this interesting color wheel! I have never switched the colors like this - now I learned something super interesting! It was like being in art class in school again. :-) 

In my second wheel, my 'purple' isn't as brown as yours, but then my warm red was on the cold side. Instead of Crimson, I could have used vermilion or cadmium red, then it would have been browner. What I did notice even more, was the green; with a warmer blue it is muddier (like olive green), vs. a vibrant sap green on the saturated wheel. 

I feel like trying another wheel, with colder yellows, warmer reds, and maybe using turquoise or something for cold blue. We'd get another wheel again! 

Color Wheel - image 1 - student project

Claude C
Acrylics and watercolor artist