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Melinda Klein

Motion Designer & Photographer



Color Theory- Emotions through dog expressions/ emotions conveyed through fantasy landscape

FYI.. I just started so I might be having some technical issues in my posts related to content and imagery. This is my first Skillshare class.

Entry 1:


Well first I’m going to introduce myself. I’m Melinda, and I’m a Motion Graphic Designer and Photographer. I also have experience in creating digital art in Photoshop and digital illustrations in illustrator.  I've been wanting to learn even more about expressin myself through illustration and design.

Lately I’ve been trying to get back to my design roots, as I feel a better foundation will help my current and future work flourish more.


I have dabbled a bit in digital painting and illustration. I have a simple tablet andbasic knowledge of how to create digital illustrations.

That being said, when I first had an idea for this project, it was to create a digital fantasy landscape. One image split into four quadrants, each exploring a different emotion through color and different visual elements.


I came up with 4 mind maps; one for each word I planned to use: calm, terrified, inspired, hopeless.


Here are some images that inspired me, as well as my mind maps:







However, I don’t have as much experience as I’d like in digital landscape illustration. I think I might come back to the landscape idea a different time, but I thought I would share some of the first ideas I had.


I do think at this time it would be more beneficial for me to go back to my graphic design roots to add some good design to my portfolio.

 For my second idea, I came up with the idea of using 4 different dogs to convey 4 different emotions. I might incorporate some of the digital illustration I wanted to do along with well-planned graphic design. I would plan on creating an animation based on the final images.

 Here is some inspiration of different cartoons and photos of dogs conveying the 4 emotions I plan to use:







I’m still not sure if those will be my final 4, but I think that’s pretty close. So far I’ve only made mind maps for the first two emotions. I do plan to explore the ideas I come up with more and think of a color theme.


I’m torn on whether to do adult dogs or puppies. Maybe a mix of both? I guess it depends on what direction I want to take it in. Any suggestions?


For color, Adobe Kuler has been very helpful so far!


It let’s you create color themes based on the different ways of using color groups. I like that you can change around the colors to make them your own, and still have a base idea of good color. I do hope to create my own themes though, and just use the popular examples on the site for inspiration. I use kuler all the time for my motion graphics work. 

Let me know what your thought and suggestions are on my ideas. In the next post I'll update with my 4 final emotion choices and my decision on whether to do a landscape or dogs. 

Also, the current image used for the cover of this project is a photo I took back in 2011 for one of my photography clients.

You can see more of my photography work here:

Maybe I could get opinions based on your views of some of my work. 



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