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Mychael Williams

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Color Theory: Create a Logo Design

This class and project was very educational and enjoyable. I wasn't very familiar with the different relationships colors have with eachother until after class. 

The design brief was straightforward and the challenge was simple. As we all know, simplicity isn't always a simple thing to achieve. 

Of course, I began by researcing. With a project mainly focused on color theory, I didn't want to get carried away with this part (as I normally do). I read up mostly on Paris' history, facts, culture, etc.

My notes here can be seen below.


If you could read my chicken scratch, you'll have learned (or already knew) that the Paris region is one the of five most wealthiest regions in France. It is claimed to be the centre of finance, commerce, fashion, science and art in France (in some of those categories, the world). It is also the 2nd most expensive city in the world. We all know that it is home to the symbolic Eiffel Tower, a strong image that has become an icon of the French.

I then went on to read about life in Paris. I learned about characteristics of the Parisian lifestyle: customs, expectations, etiquette, etc. That portion of my research was all very interesting but wasn't necessarily a cornerstone to my design work.. But I do believe by understanding something or someone as much as possible, you can always design more useful and relevent products.

During and after all this research, I jotted down words to help me in the brainstorm process. You can see that segment below.


In this portion of my work, I try to just "flow" and not really judge what comes out the other side of my pen. You never know what can be that spark to light the fire. There were many ideas to play with in this design. 

As I read about Paris and the way of life there, it really seemed like wonderful place to be. I learned that passionate living is a common idea in Parisian culture. I assume since its a fashion epicenter, the Living in Paris brand would live up to that expectation. The brand would be high-end chic but with youthful vigor. Kid-like. The brand would communicate its passion/love of Paris and a parents even greater love for their child.

What I ultimately came up with as my idea was a simple way to communicate the idea "I love living in Paris so much, I want to share it with the one I love most: my child".

Now, how to go about communicating that?

Well, through research I found that paris had its own coat of arms..


I took that and renvisioned it as I thought a child would like to see it in its essence. Simple and colorful. The same shape is intact but the colors were altered to a more fitting theme. I also switched out the boat for the Eiffel tower, the symbol of Paris, France. After seeing other student's projects, I wanted to show the Eiffel tower from a different perspective... From a kid's perspective! Kids are small and see things differently. I presented the Eiffel tower at a steep angle as if you were looking up at it as a child. By doing this, viewers get to see the tower in a way they don't usually envision it in.

Here is the final product:


The colors in the design are of a tetrad relationship. It took some juggling around to figure out what colors each shape should be. I realized that the purple worked as the foremost color while the green and blue played the background. I also encorporated darker shades of the purple to create depth in the Eiffel tower. The brief called for a simple and balanced design, so I kept any intricate details out of the tower and coat of arms.  I also replaced the dots on the i's with hearts to communicate the passion and love for Paris and one's child. The font has a nice weight and roundness to it and has that happy, child-like feeling. 

Any critique/comments are welcome and thank you for reading about this project!


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