Color Theme-a-palooza

Color Theme-a-palooza - student project

Every time I take one of Helen's courses I discover something simple, but extremely practical and useful; this course is no exception.

I have to admit that I feel color challenged - I recognize lovely color schemes when I see them, but creating one on my own usually leaves me feeling like it's not quite right. The simple method Helen demonstrates in this course has improved my confidence in developing a base color scheme with its associated tints and shades. Using the Brightness value in the HSB color set hadn't occurred to me. Duh! Oh well - better late than never.

I played it safe and created a color scheme that (very) loosely represents the colors of the Fall season in Springfield, MO USA. This part of the country doesn't have the rich, vibrant colors you will find in the northern states. I guess it's related to the different varieties and types of trees, as well as the more moderate temperatures. So, here's my "Springfield Fall" scheme.

Color Theme-a-palooza - image 1 - student project