Color Study

Color Study - student project




First of all, thank you Charly for this class ! I couldn't wait to start since I struggle on a daily basis with colors. 

I really wanted to work on an illustration with this grainy / noisy texture, as it's my current style I thought this was the best opportunity to try some things out.

So here is my layered base :


Color Study - image 1 - student project




I actually had a lot of fun with this exercice, there so much colors and so much possibilities within a color itself.


Color Study - image 2 - student project




This was really interesting as I had no idea what will come out.


Color Study - image 3 - student project

Color Study - image 4 - student project


While doing it, I started to notice that I'm fond of soft, desaturated colors rather than the brighter ones. I would never have thought of trying them on little thumbails, but I have to say that this is a huge help, and I as so happy to see such lovely results. 

So I tested those color schemes on the first layered plant, and I kind of really liked making the very dark or light colors work with the other ones. 


Color Study - image 5 - student project




Well, here, it was quiet difficult : I couldn't manage to get really different colors. They all looked the same, but here the few that stand out the most.

Color Study - image 6 - student project

The last one really catch my eyes, so I tried it one on a bigger piece.


Color Study - image 7 - student project




This was actually the funniest part. I tried a lot of different colors until I realized that I need 2 or 3 strong colors, and different saturation / brightness of another one to make it all work together.


Color Study - image 8 - student project



I've learned a lot doing this class, that's for sure. But as I work on Photoshop and with grainy texture, it took me several hours to find the right process and workflow, that's where I've learnt the most and I'm really happy with the result I've came up with. 

So thank you so much Charly ! 

Sarah Vessellier
DA Junior & Digital Creative student