Color Study

Color Study - student project

I did my study from this illustration by Qu Lan. I really admire her palette and how she is able to bring in such a saturated lime green and have it work together with the other colors in her image. Eye dropping and adapting her palette helped me learn things about the colors that I didn't realize at first (e.x. the coral, blue, and lime yellow, are an altered primary and the greens are formed by mixing the blue and lime yellow).


Color Study - image 1 - student project


I then used the palette to color my illustration of hair growing out. It was really challenging for me to isolate each piece to add detail, and helped me grow a lot of respect for the patience and detail in the way Victo works. It was a very helpful exercise and I see myself doing more of it in the future to practice color. Thank you, Victo!


Colored Piece

Color Study - image 2 - student project




Color Study - image 3 - student project