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Natalia Padilla

Sr. Art Director



Color Studies for Album Cover


This is the final product and it shows how I applied color throughout the entire album. 

Blue version went live today but I will keep playing with color for the print version

Paraty by Mike Morey

ROUND #3 Using dark backgrounds.

I also tend to use lighter background because honestly is easier to read typography this way, specially if you have a lot of text, but breaking out of this habit once in a while won't hurt, specially b/c I am not using to much copy.

I used 2 main color palletes and I played with them in different amounts, however, I am only sharing the most succesful color combination. Tomorrow I will post another one. Feedback always welcome. Thank you guys! Also, I am not sure what kind of color combination would you call this "analogous" and complementary?

ROUND #2 Using monochromatic in a different way. (final online album cover)

My first round started to look to 60's, and I was not going for that feel, so I applied the color a little bit different while simplifying the illustration.

 Even though this is the final round for the online album cover for my client, I will keep playing with colors so I can get out of my comfort zone. I have this tendency of using blues, monochromatic, or juxtaposing cool with warm colors, so I want to break that pattern. 

ROUND #1 playing with monocromatic colors & neighbors.

Sketch that I will use for my color studies. 



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