Color Schemes

Color Schemes - student project

Finally got this done, and loved this class!  I had been busy in between, plus I take detailed notes in these classes, so it takes longer -- but also helps me remember better.  In addition, I kept playing with the colors over and over again...lightening, darkening, saturation...until I drove myself crazy!  It had to force myself to stop! :D

I used two of my own flower photos that I'm most proud of, although I didn't edit the second one yet, I don't believe.  I have, oh so many yet unedited, or even sorted through, photos and other files.  I have a hard time just choosing the best few images out of a bunch.  Therefore...

Hint, Helen!  If you ever see enough need for classes on sorting through photos and other files (choosing your best work, 2nd best, etc), organizing - and naming - files the best way (e.g. photos, scrapbook papers, elements, projects, etc.), coming up with "titles" for works that you display, etc...if you ever see a need for any of those, I'm all in!! :D

Here is my first color scheme:

Color Schemes - image 1 - student project

Here is my second color scheme.  I maybe should have (or could have) used purples as my top two colors, but I really love the blues.  And then, after choosing the blues, I didn't know exactly how to fit purple in with them.  The way I was doing it just didn't look right, so I just left it this way, without purple. :)

Color Schemes - image 2 - student project