Color Reign

Color Reign - student project

I have had this concept rolling around in my mind for quite some time, and have even vectorized it a few times, but the execution is always shaky at best. I love the idea of bright, loud color imposing itself upon quieter tones, and thought this a perfect arena for getting some tips on how I can bring this to its full potential.

Here is a sketch of what I'm going for. I know we were only supposed to use pencil and paper, but I quickly slapped some crappy watercolor on my equally not great sketchbook paper to just show the concept. I have always had difficulty associating the whimsy I admire so much in other artists' pieces into my work, but I'd like to give it a shot with this one as well as make the shapes more abstract and midcentury, less exact and rigid.

Initial Sketch

Color Reign - image 1 - student project

"color reign" / "Russia's lesser known color revolution" 

I'd like to incorporate some color rain into the lefthand side of the illustration, but am unsure at an aesthetically appropriate way to approach it. 

Comments and suggestions are much appreciated! I'll try to post some more sketch process pics as I produce them. I'm so excited about this class, and can't wait to learn more!

Sketch #2

Color Reign - image 2 - student project

Here is my second, much less structured, much more crazily patterned sketch. It looks kinda "whoa! too much!" right now, but for most of the piece - everything except what is being rained on - will be extremely low contrast with light greys and beiges, so the patterns will be more subtle.

Progress #3/ 4

Color Reign - image 3 - student project   Color Reign - image 4 - student project

Alright, here's a screen shot of what I worked on today, which will sit as the basis of my illustration. I wanted extremely low contrast colors, which I may change to more beige-y but I'm not sure. Next to add is the bright color pop from the rain. After that, texture, to which I'm entirely new! Yay for learning!

Edit 3/24: I added clouds, and I've worked a little with the rain, but I can't seem to come up with an appropriately midcentury style of rain, or style of the color seeping into the buildings. I'm thinking that texture will play a large part in that section of the illustration, possibly a really subtle halftone, but I need to learn how to succesfully do that.

Color Reign - image 5 - student project

Edit 3/26: This stinks, and I have tried a million different kinds of rain and did some halftone fake-effects and yuck! I need to start from scratch (on the color) and then watch more texture tutorial videos.  Again, any suggestions are greatly appreciated! What would you change? Halp!