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Riley Jones

Coffee Fueled Creative



Color Play: 30 Day Challenge.

After reading the client brief the two themes I wanted to pick up on were urban, adventurist, and style sensitive. Following that I saw that the competitors colors had a lot of kitchy colors of bright reds blues and yellows. I tried my best to not fall in line with those palettes.

Initially when playing with colors, I looked towards hues of blues and oranges for a complimentary feel but they didn't satisfy the themes I wanted to portray. 

I then turned to the photo files and found more appropiate pallettes.




The last two examples are the ones I thought went well with the emotions I wanted to highlight. After playing around with cobinations I eventually found a satisfying choice of colors.



I really liked the dark hues with simple highlights of lighter hues (either whites or a faded white). It gives it  a kind of an earthy adventure emotion yet not really rugged. The style attractive audience will find the bold colors attractive but will see them as not too flashy.


I really liked this project. Color is a really hard monster to handle sometimes and it is refreshing to be excercised in learning more how to handle it.


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