Color Pathways

Color Pathways - student project

Orange and Blue will always strike a pleasing note in our artistic representations. I started the Big Sky painting when our 6th grandchild was born. It was a sketch from my daughters back porch two days after Emily was born. The subdivision in Calgary has spread right over this perfectly charming grassland and the road and field are gone. But what a memory in orange and blue..

The birch tree has always begged to be painted and I have done a number in different mediums. The one below is a detail from a larger canvas and was a great study in opposites and adjacent colors. Lots of intermediate colors but no black. The dark colors are Alizarin, Thalo and a touch of yellow. ( Intermediate colors are secondary colors with a little bit of a nuance: such as red-orange instead of just orange. 

Color Pathways - image 1 - student project

Soon after this painting I decide to venture into some 'pure color' paintings. My first was a straightforward ' pixel painting using all the color relationships from Faber Birrens books and M.E. Chevreul classic work. Here is a detail from the 4 foot by 3 foot painting.

Color Pathways - image 2 - student project

I dropped some of the pixel shapes and went to this Color Experiment next using some of the luminosity techniques as outlines in Birren's books.

Color Pathways - image 3 - student project

More experimenting led to more discovery and my life painting journey took a new pathway.

Color Pathways - image 4 - student projectColor Pathways - image 5 - student project

!981 West Coast Acrylic using 'classically restrained color choices'Color Pathways - image 6 - student project

2019 West Coast Watercolor from this class using Orange Blue Complementary color choice and analogous color choices as we move down the picture. 

Color Pathways - image 7 - student projectChange is the result of movement. An interior movement that beckons and sometimes pleads with us to get up and drop off that state of inertia that is holding us prisoner. It usually starts with a dissatisfaction and then some dark moods that are a little uncomfortable at the time but get us UP AND MOVING ...TOWARDS THE CHANGE WE NEED.

Enjoy the class.