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Color Palettes



Below is my current choice options for the BikeBook logo. It's been interesting to tinker and see the palette evolve from the photo swatches to hte fine tuning process. Right now I'm leaning towards the middle choice. I'm hoping to post the second option tomorrow. Suggestions welcome! :) I posted below a bit of how the palette evolved..

Below is my first pallete after swatching from the photo above. I decided to go for this picture trying to play on the 'exclusive' and 'fun' factor of the brand. I got a few base colors that served as a ground and also tried the blend technique from Brad's Digital Illustration class.


The second evolution of the  palette came after experimenting a bit with the original swatches...I found a few combinations that really fancy, even though wouldn't use for this project. Anyhow, still felt it was a bit overly girly  (left side):



Second palette! It's a bit more sober in my opinion but it's ok. I still prefer the first one :) 

On the left side are the colors swatched from the picture and the bottom palette is the final.


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