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Color Palettes from Photos

I took a look at the competitor's websites to make sure I wasn't unknowingly replicating something already out there. I don't count myself as a designer or even design savvy, so I was surprised to realize I instantly labeling sites, "touristy" "family oriented" "sophisticated". There are already two sites that are kind of blue and yellow, so I decided to stay away from that. 

I chose the words "artisnal" and "vintage" from the design brief. As the target audience is described as "urban" and those that "love to travel" and "love photography," I chose to use cityscape photographs of cities as a start. The two I used also look like they could be from many parts of the world, supportive of potential over-seas expansion the brief described as a possible future goal. 






I don't currently have Illustrator or Photoshop, so I relied on Adobe Kuler. As you might imagine, it was fairly limitng. I couldn't adjust the colors on my own to create different shades/tints. 

Give the limitations, I still tried to avoid blue/yellow, which is what Kuler suggested for most of the second image  ("city"). For city, I stuck with deep purple recommendations. For the image first image ("street"), Kuler of course was choosing many blue-ish tones. To up the contrast and reduce the chance of my end color scheme being too close to a competitor's, I focused on suggestions heavy on the red side. 


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