Lisa Smith

Designer / Jazz Singer



Color Palettes for Possible "Designs by L Smith" Website


I decided to use this class to FINALLY create a website for my own fledgling design business. Here are the 2 possible color schemes I came up with...can't decide between the 2. I like them both for very different reasons. I used a couple of images I found online as the inspiration for the color palettes...

PHOTO INSPIRATION FOR COLOR PALETTE #1 (the image appealed to me because of its clean lines and fresh colors...seemed like it might convey a creative style yet still feel business-like because of the blues and greys)


PHOTO INSPIRATION FOR COLOR PALETTE #2 (I just REALLY liked the way the colors went together in this image...fresh, clean, creative...yet also beautiful and sophisticated, without being stuffy at all...was also a little more feminine, which most of my designs lean toward)



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