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Color Mixing - with 12 colors

I've been working on my patent leather and suede shoe paintings.

Not too bad for a first attempt. I do feel like I need to work on the actual drawing of the shoe. I think the heel area (where the persons heel fits in the shoe) needs to be a little higher.  Also, I think the white highlight might be a little too much. What do you think? 

Here is my suede shoe. It has issues, but for the most part I like how it turned out.

I drew and painted both of these from magazine pages and hope to give both of these surfaces a try with an actual shoe.

I am also finding that the kind of paper you work on makes a HUGE difference. 

It's amazing what colors you can come up with from 12 original colors. 

I've had this little pocket watercolor set by Talens for about 20 years. (I'm pretty sure they don't even make it any more.) 

I ran out of mixing space, so I decided to use this old plate that belonged to my grandparents. I once read somewhere about another artist using an old china plate as a palette for watercolor. It looks very pretty, don't you think?

Next I'm going to see what I can come up with just using red, blue, and yellow.


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