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Color Mixing - First Attempt

This is my first - ok, second - attempt at mixing colors.  The first...well, you can see what happened.  Used my finger paints, and my fingers, and it was a hot pink mess...  I find that my creativity and my art is significantly impaired when I feel unprepared, or spend too much time trying to figure out the first steps.  I am really looking forward to this project to help me out so I can get down to the painting, and have it turn out the way I envision it - or at least have the colors come out the way I envision them!

Got my supplies ready, my paper taped and I am ready to go!!  (I even have the same paints!!)

Grid - check.  NOTE: when you are measuring, measure from the INSIDE of the tape!  I have to admit that this stage took me a very long time.

My first square!  I wasn't sure how intense my color should be...


My first row!  I am so excited!

The difference in these two greens is very subtle.  I think next time I will add more yellow to make for a more dramatic difference.  Though in hindsight, I could have added a lot more white also.

Is it a bad thing that I am as intrigued by my palatte as I am with my canvas??


I am so thrilled with myself right now.  I am having way more fun than I thought I would.  I am really, really enyoing myself, and have a really terrific sense of accomplishment.

Ok, here is where I run into a bit of a problem... there are three primary colors and I have four quadrants.  I was actually stumped lol.

So, I decided to do an orange, mix in blue, and end up with a really nice grey.  What actually happened was this...

At first, I was kind of kicking myself for making two quadrants with the same theme, but the more I sat back and looked at it, I actually really liked it.  AND... it gave me an excuse to make antoher one ::)



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