Mireya .




Color Me Happy!

I will be putting together colors based on a mood board that I created to give me ideas for the type of art I want to create.

I want colors that show faith, love, happiness, energy and adventure. I put together this palette just to have fun.

I hand letter and watercolor so I will be using watercolor to come up with an amazing palette.

So I have hues red, blue and yellow

warm and cool colors

I also have tones and tints of red

What else? I am learning but I feel that I have an eye for color. I just love love color. I like the color choices I have made here but feel there may not be enough contrast. Maybe some of these colors need to be more of a tint?

What do you think?



I was feeling a warm friendship with the orange.  I was thinking hopeless hopeless romantic with the pink and red one. 



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