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Color Bar Weather App - student project

Color Bar Weather App - image 1 - student project

Here are some notes I took, as well as some background and thinking and goals for my app.

What are the reasons to open a weather app?
-getting dressed before going out (any time)
-in the morning, preparing for the day ahead
-is inclement weather ahead? (so we can prepare: clothing wise, if we should bring an umbrella, plans-wise)

How will this app differentiate itself from ones already out there? How will this app be useful or helpful compared to other weather apps?

-The main thing that I kept coming back to was how it would be useful to understand weather by CONTEXT. Most weather apps post a numerical indicator of temperature as well as a qualitative "weather type" ('sunny', 'rainy', 'snowy' being the main ones, others being 'windy', 'foggy', 'wintry mix', etc.)

However, just seeing a number and an icon doesn't necessarily prepare you to dress and pack for your day ahead, unless you hold previous experience and knowledge of the location you're in. Example: If you know it will be 54 degrees Fahrenheit today, you only know how to dress yourself because of previous experience with that temperature.

Therefore, I decided it would be important for my weather app to display metrics that help provide more CONTEXT. This came down to 2 metrics:

  1. "Feels Like". (A.k.a: "It's 54 degrees out, but feels like 50.") I wanted to display this metric, because it was a personal lifesaver for me when I went to college in Upstate New York, where a thermometer reading 30 degrees might often just as well come with the fine print: "...but FEELS LIKE -12."
  2. How does the weather compare to yesterday? It would be helpful to have an indicator that compares the current temperature with your last experience with weather (aka, probably the day before). I'm imagining this comparison as simply: "Colder than" or "Hotter than" (this could get more detailed if necessary: "Significantly colder," "Rainier than," "More Humid", etc). This information would simply compare the current "feels like" temperature with the "feels like" temperature of 24 hours before.

ULTIMATE GOAL OF APP: With one glance at the screen (with maybe 1 flick of the finger), a person should hold enough information to help them prepare for the day ahead.


 Color Bar Weather App - image 2 - student project

Color Bar Weather App - image 3 - student project


Color Bar Weather App - image 4 - student project

^ Experimenting with ways to visually display the information

Color Bar Weather App - image 5 - student project

Color Bar Weather App - image 6 - student project

Color Bar Weather App - image 7 - student project

Draft I'm on right now:

Still working on hashing out interactions, details, extra screens

Color Bar Weather App - image 8 - student project


Color Bar Weather App - image 9 - student project


Color Bar Weather App - image 10 - student project

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