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Colombia - The 7-Day Neighborhood Challenge

I'm located in Medellín, Colombia and I'm starting this project as my official beggining to photography.

I'm changing my career from developer to photographer, it will be a transition, but I'm definitely decided to go on photography learning. I only have at the moment the camera of my phone, hope to get a DSLR soon this year.

I hope you enjoy my photos.

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Day 1 (Oct. 16)  
No students. No future  
This photo was shooted on the library of my University (on my eighborhood of course)

No students. No future

Day 2 (Oct. 17)  
House of bats

Day 3 (Oct. 18)  
Convex and Concave

Day 4 (Oct. 23)  
Palms are bigger than buildings

Day 5 (Oct. 26)  

Please revisit for more photos.


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