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Collingwood FC - Away Guernsey (Australian Football League)

'I was born black and white'

..not quite, but my old man and uncle are passionate magpie fans from way back. My brother and I didn't really have a choice of what colours we would be wearing.

I've always been into computers, design and sport. I played Football (Aussie Rules), Soccer and Basketball growing up and my parents bought me a Commodore 64 when I was 5. I then progressed to an Amiga and this opened a whole new world for me.. games like TV Sports Basketball and Sensible Soccer allowed you to edit the jerseys/kits. I would dedicate 100's of hours to ensuring all of the jerseys where as close to accurate as possible. I spent more time on the jerseys than I did on playing the games :) I looked forward to events like the world cup so I could update all of the kits! 

I then got my first design program for the Amiga when I was just starting high school and I drew all of the NBA Jerseys pixel by pixel, I'm not sure why, but it was a passion I had at an early age. I am a huge Michael Jordan fan and this probably had something to do with it.

A number of years later and with an interactive multimedia diploma under my belt I was working for a local manufacturer that made sportswear. I was lucky enough to work on artwork for a number of AFL teams but never had the responsibilty of designing the on-field guernsey for Collingwood. I would now like to see what I would have been able to do had I been given that opportunity.

I had tossed up the idea of doing a basketball team for this project but I thought I would challenge myself and do something a bit different to what the other designers will be doing here. Shaun K also twisted my leg to do CFC (Thanks Shaun) :)

My early memories of Football are watching the game in our loungeroom with my dad yelling and shouting at the TV. This was when Footy guernseys had collars and the 'shirt front' was in vogue. The game has changed a lot since then, but the traditions and values of over 100 years of footy still stand. The most popular designs (and my favourites) are the classic traditional designs. Collingwood has potentially the most recognisable guernsey in the country and being the biggest club in Australia they hold on to these values with a vice grip! 

The challenge I have is to do something new with the Away guernsey without letting go of these traditions and values.

2013 Home jersey
CFC Home 2013

Collingwood FC Encyclopedia

This is a great resource with a lot of imagery and stories from how the club began and evolved to the powerhouse it is today.

CFC Encyclopedia

With Collingwood ending their long time association with Adidas there is no better time for innovation with the new Star Athletic brand. I would like to revolutionise the Collingwood guernsey from a design and technology perspective.

Key Features

The garment needs to hit certain benchmarks from a design and performance point of view

  • respecting the black and white traditions
  • strength - construction of the garment
  • breathability - comfort for the player
  • stretch - the garment needs to fit tight to be aerodynamic and for the player to be harder to tackle
  • I would like to incorporate new technology such as 'gripper tape' and long sleeves (not sure if the gripper tape would be approved by the AFL)

design ideas

  • after reviewing the historic designs it is clear that the only option is black and white
  • the club motto is side by side, so I believe their may be an option for 2 strips to signify the side by side
  • another option may be to have a stripe for every premiership, the width of the stripes has varied over the decades so this may translate well.
  • rather than having a sharp 'hard' edge for the stripes it might be a nice effect to include a zig zag stitch look on the stripes (see below)

CFC Spicers Paper


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