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Retta Ritchie-Holbrook

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Collective knowledge

For some time now I have been tossing around the idea of creating/faciltating a place for community learning and sharing. There are several places in town to take classes in writing, art, gardening, cooking, etc but it is hard to find a place for people to share things they are passionate about and to find others that may have the same interest, especially if those things are outside the norm.

I would like to create a place for people to gather, share ideas, learn about interesting things and maybe even make a little extra income as they share the things they are most excited about. I would organize and market the classes and create the support needed for people to come together.

I can see this covering everything from rock collections to skills needed to get through your first interview. I grew up in rural appalachia and I would love to show people how to make shuckie beans and other regional foods that I grew up with that are slowly being lost with younger generations. I would be interested in learning something similiar from others that grew up in another culture with other traditions.

I have always been a sucker for a good workshop/class and enjoy learning new things all the time. I'm fascinated by people and their unique stories and want to give them a place to share them.

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