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Collective Work on Illustration: Popular Cartoon Characters


Oddmirations is my personal art website and I would love to create more valuable works to my collection. I love making cartoons and aliens, monsters, robots, cute characters, odd characters, caricature and more. I love to draw and paint, I love to illustrate and vectorize. I just love creating a world full of drawings or illustrations and share them to the world.

What is the Project all about?

I've been always inspired about the daily art projects or any long-term time-based projects. So this time I want to challenge myself by doing a similar project and also apply the techniques taught in this class. For this particular project, my intentions are to continuously practice illustration using Adobe Illustrator and post and share works every weekdays. Mondays to Thursdays will be jabbing and Fridays will be hooking (Base on the Jab, Jab, Jab and Right hook rule). I just started my social media sites to actively running again, so my right hook method will be more of asking for likes or following me or even plain comments and suggestions, as oppose to selling anything immediately. 

I want to stick with a monthly theme/subject to produce a consistent body of works. With this strategy, my audience will likely to understand the flow of the story / works and may gain likes or following. I will start with a theme about popular cartoon characters and set a monthly deadline. I will post each day on weekdays ( MTWHF ), a target total of 25 vector illustrations in a month. I don't know what will be the result of this project but I'm thinking to do this monthly within a year to transform my skills, gain valuable collective work, learn best practices, share to the community and see the statistics on social media in longer term.

My goals in creating this project are the following:

1) Personal Growth and Mastery

  • to create art collection monthly
  • to practice more on my creative skills
  • to enhance and develop a distinct style overtime
  • to persistently create artworks with a theme and within a deadline
  • to gain speed and fluency at a task
  • to do what I love

2) Sharing to the Online Community

  • to build traffic and brand awareness (gain followers, likes, reblogs and more)
  • to connect and interact with more people with same interest or possible clients in the future or have collaborations or commissions
  • to gain new friends 
  • to create and share artworks that connects with the audience (jab)
  • to provide art freebies and giveaways especially on any events or holidays (jab)
  • to provide tips or suggestions or tutorials about the process (jab)
  • to create and share animated gifs  (jab)

3) Business Growth and Sustainability 

  • to ask audience to share or follow me in social media (right hook) 
  • to ask audience on ideas or theme what to illustrate next (right hook)
  • to ask audience to participate on surveys, contests or any activity I will make (right hook)
  • to ask them about their opinions or suggestions (right hook)
  • to possibly gain more work and exposure
  • to possibly use this skill for a living
  • to possibly market a service or a product like a published book of the collective artwork or tshirt designs, etc (right hook)


I prepared several materials to create a personal board of jabs and hooks. Like a calendar it includes days of the week . Mondays to Thursday are basically serve as the jabs or sharing while Friday is for the right hook or sending call to action. If you can see, I initially added an illustration and hashtags as sample for this project. I will pin all the illustrations done on the board so I can see progress better.

Digital version of Progress Board:


I ignored the power of social media before to leverage my brand and interact with a greater network. Recently, I started to engage myself with my facebook followers again after a very long time. I also created instagram and updated tumblr. I usually update my website a lot but i cant drive the traffic well without the social media arm. Below are the links of my website and social media sites. 





Pinterest: no account yet

Dribble: no account yet

Behance: no account for oddmirations

Vimeo: not organize yet

I acknowledge that there's alot to improve on these sites above, so I can communicate, reach and serve my audience better.


I also have a separate page and links for my professional and more diverse works called Odd Multimedia ( ), but for the purpose of this project, Im focusing on Oddmirations.

Let me know any thoughts, ideas, comments and suggestions to better achieving these goals. 





March 31, 2014

Poster for this Project:

Check Facebook Link

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Check high resolution here >>      or Check here in Behance >>   or Check here in Facebook >>

Popular Cartoon Characters


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