Collective Inventions

Collective Inventions - student project

I'm waiting on my parallel pen, but wanted to share/get feedback on another lettering project I'm working on that this lesson helped out loads with! It's on wood, so it's in pencil for now as I'm planning on burning it in and staining the wood.

I measured out boxes and estimate that the lowercase letters are about 5 'nib's high for the thickness that I penciled things in. I went a little higher with the capital letters than recommended. 

So the spacing you talked about, particularly the white space helped a ton! I think I did okay on the first word, but the second word was kind of tricky, especially the n's. I'm not real sure where to make adjustments.

I thought the flourishes were a nice way to fill in the rest of the space, but these are completely new to me, so any advice on how to make these flow better is much appreciated.

Thanks for a great class!!