Collection of hand drawn teapots + Things that are on my desk right now

Hello everyone.

My name is Anna, I am an illustrator from Australia. In case you are intrested my website is www.acheartist.com.

I've got really carried away and drew two collections for this class. The first one is abouth things that are on my desk and the second one is my collection of hand-drawn and paper-crafted teapots. Then I discovered that it is only one project per person... Well, I don't know if it is going to do me any good, but I want to show them both here.

Here is my teapot collection and down below my old post with Things That Are On My Desk Right Now.


Normally I draw very elaborate and detailed pictures (look at the 3rd teapot on the top row), so this project was a bit of relief from my usual routine. I drew the whole thing in a couple of hours on one A4 page and roughly coloured it with watercolour and markers. As you can see there is mostly art stuff on my desk and with occasional baby monitor thrown here and there. I guess it is quite obvious what my life is like at the moment))



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