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Collection of Harry Potter

Adding Finishing Touches

I added some shadowing within the letter form to final this project.

Creating Sketch on Computer (12/12/13)

I took the sketch that I liked and created it on the computer. I wanted the lightening bolt as part of the design but I did not want it to overwhelm the letter.  I also added the four shields down the side to represent the four houses. I used the Gryffindor colors for the letter.

I still plan on added some texture and shadows.

The Beginning (12/11/13)

The first book that I though of when reading the intro to this class was the Harry Potter books. I like the idea of doing each book but with the release of the new book set I thought it would be fun to do one for the whole series. 

While brainstorming I wanted to focus on the overall theme of the series, not one element of the book. 

The ideas of good vs. evil, love being more powerful than hate and magic (of course) were high on my list. I also felt that something with a mid-evil feel would fit the series.

My initial sketches:


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