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Collection of Christmas Tree Decorations

Since I'm taking this class in December, the first collection that came to mind was my stockpile of Christmas tree ornaments.

We have a 20-month-old toddler, so in order to avoid a constant knocked-over tree we opted for a small two-footer that can sit on the countertop. It's like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, except it cost $20 at the Home Depot.

Anyway, a smaller tree meant fewer choices from our box of trinkets, so here are the baubles I chose for whatever reasons:


Rudolph was purchased for my five-year-old and she broke it, which actually makes it more special.

I have a handprint for her, but not my second child because I have Second Child Laziness Syndrome.

The metal star is odd and rustic, like me. 

I had to pick smaller bulb ornaments, like the ones I drew at the top, but they're my favorite anyway. Unconventional and not overly-Christmasy. 

I think overall it refects our imperfect simplicity. I'm not sure that makes sense, but there it is!  

There are so many beautiful projects posted for this class. I'm sorry all I have to offer is copy paper, ink, and Prismacolors! Also, I'm not sure why I chose to write "December" in the title because duh. 

This class was super fun and I love Kate's friendly teaching style. I would consider taking her class in person if I didn't live in the opposite corner of the country. Maybe someday I'll be able to escape!

Thank you for taking a peek at my project and I appreciate your comments! 


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