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Jessica Holdaway

Graphic Designer



Collecting Sand with Oskar Brown at Piha Beach, New Zealand


I want to show a small photo essay I did with my step brother, Oskar Brown, who is an actor back in Berlin. He was visiting for the summer (even though the photos suggest it was not summer!), and was wanting to take back to Berlin a keepsake from New Zealand. 

The iconic black sand at Piha beach was the perfect thing to send him back home with. I know it's not of his studio/apartment etc, but it was the only way I could capture him, due to living in different countries.

It was a spontaneous trip to the beach, the water was wild and the wind was blowing. It made for a perfect recipe of beautiful moods and colours.

I took a heap load of photos and narrowed it down to these, just to tell the story a little better? I have included other images that I took along the way below. Would love feedback on the story telling and if it felt progressive in my photo choices.

Would love to know what you think,

Thanks for watching,


This image below is one of my favourite images. I love the movement and that the texture of the water showed up so well. I feel like it shows the beach in a beautiful way and has an interesting composition. It was taken very spotaneously as I was walking beside Oskar on the beach.


Other images taken that weren't included, purely for sake of telling the story better.


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