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Katherine Young

Designer & Artist



Collect Memories Not Stuff

May 31, 2014

Initial Concept

I am going to illustrate the saying 'Create Memories Not Stuff' for my project. I am interested in the concept of subtractive lettering that was brought up and the concept of object as typography. I am also interested in the use of duct tape. As in, an object used in lettering. I am probably going to incorporate my quilling work into the finished product. I am going to use my own brand with themes that I have used in my work over time. This main theme being scrolling work accenting type in the design.

Here is a quick layout of work I have done at the very beginning of my design career till now. I feel these represent the direction I want to head. 


Here is some other work I am really inspired by that represents where I want to go with the type work. It isn't messy but I feel it is still authentic and the forms are type in many different concepts.


I will add some sketch ideas next and then will just go for it! I am forgetting all I have learned using my own work as reference instead of the experts!



My final work. It includes quilling, my upcycling of sheet music, and many of the swirls I doodle. My favorite part is the "like this" poking fun at the fact that I just created stuff you can collect. Also "like this" is from "Walk This Way" by my fav bad boys from Boston, Aerosmith!


This is the finished project framed!


This beauty is listed in my Etsy shop for someone to collect!


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