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Collateral Damage

Haven't actually reached point of writing out my screenplay but have storyline, sequencing  and imagery playing in my mind. 

I am using Celtx software - free version. Have downloaded that. 

The projects already posted are impressive. Only hope when I get to the typing on paper stage mine is half as good.

More later.

Hallelujah!!! With a little - lot? - of help from my friends here in this class I THINK I can get a link to a PDF of my very rough first draft. It needs a lot of help in getting the point across, too, I'm sure.

Because so much of this almost silent short relies on the skill of the actress, it was tough for me to figure out all I needed to say.

I hope the above link will open my script.

Thanks for all the help my team will give.

Nov. 9

I edited using the notes and HOPE my formatting worked right.

I have been trying to get the PDF from Celtx that I finally got into the Dropbox floder to share. It keeps stalling out. If the damn technology ever decides to work I'll put the link into my project. SIGH!

Reboot and five sign-ins later it gave me a link.

Try this.

Hope it works because it's my final First Draft.

Actually, this is my final First Draft. It's at the point I would want to work with the DP and the actress before reinterpreting it again. (Yes. I'm the director.)  I like it so much better with no dialog. If I didn't need for Betty to answer the phone to show the second photograph and daybook, this would be a silent film except for the radio.

It's been a great class. Thanks, Kasem.


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