Collapser - student project

4/15/2013 - sketches

i need to spend a little more time with these to gather the concept a little more completely - i spent a little too much time focusing on the type (on the top image anyway), and i'd like to make the content more bold and unified. this week i'm going to revisit what i've got, so this will probably change quite a bit, but here are a few ideas i had thus far.

Collapser - image 1 - student project

Collapser - image 2 - student project

for both of them, i want to really dig into some implied lighting and shadows on the illustrated elements, to give the appearance of illumination from a central point. i'll post some updates as i make them, but let me know what you think!



4/14/2013 - photo collage

sorry for being late! i was out of town this weekend with no computer access.

i spent a good portion of my life in the midwest, and i think that reflects in our sound fairly heavily. when i think about my time spent there, i think of open spaces, old machinery, beautiful rust, and bold colors. based on this, i think the brand should look gritty and raw, but with that refined, mordern edge to it. 

jon contino, dan cassaro, jeff finley, etc. are some of the heavy hitters i'm looking at as a source of inspiration, especially for their hand-drawn type. here are a couple designs and photos i pulled together. 

Collapser - image 3 - student project

Collapser - image 4 - student project

Collapser - image 5 - student project

Collapser - image 6 - student project

Collapser - image 7 - student project

Collapser - image 8 - student project


hey folks!

my name is ryan, and i'm a designer, illustrator, animator, and screen printer, currently living in washington, dc. by day i design websites, branding materials, and animated videos at mapbox, and by night i stay up way too late doing the same thing for various other companies. but what i really enjoy is making comics, illustrations, and designing things where i have total free-reign over the look and feel, which is what i'd like to use this class get better at. here are some things i've been doodling recently:

Collapser - image 9 - student project

Collapser - image 10 - student project

Collapser - image 11 - student project

Collapser - image 12 - student project

i enjoy things that are gritty and raw, like prints and paintings, but i also like clean lines and refined shapes, which becomes kind of apparent in the mapbox stuff. that being said, i'm always looking to break out of my comfort zone, which is where i hope you guys will help me. 

my roommates and i play music together under the name collapser, and although we're not that great, i figured it would be a good brand for me to build. it's something i'm passionate about, but i can completely style it the way i'd like without any pressure. we like to decsribe ourselves as "9-5 core," as we all grew up listening to and playing in punk bands, but now that we're a bit older, our sound is something a bit more mature and less snotty, but with the same drive and ethos of the bands of our youth. we just finished recording our first EP, so hopefully soon i can post it, and you might have a better idea of what i'm after.

anyway, i know i'm a bit long-winded, but in short: one thing i'd definitely like to focus on is some custom type, not just a font i dragged in a roughed-up a little bit. also, while i enjoy minimal designs, i'm afraid i use it as a crutch sometimes, so i'd like to go nuts and make some wildly illustrated shit, a la johnny cupcakes. 

looking forward to getting my mind blown by all your great designs, learning some new skills, and oh yeah - making a rad shirt! let's party.